Car Purifier
Car Purifier
Human body induction composite filter element multiple purification aluminum alloy material technology fashion

Product Name: vehicle mounted purifier anion quantity: 5 million / cm

Rated input: 5V / 1A                   noise: < 43db

Power: < 4W                               control mode: human induction control

Product net weight: 310g           working environment: - 5-50 ° C

Product gross weight: 600g

material: external aluminum alloy + internal ABS

Product size: ϕ 66mm * h180mm service area: < 8m ³“

Detailed introduction

1. Human body induction control, with a light wave, you can switch or adjust the air volume

2. High efficiency multiple purification, composite filter screen (HEPA / activated carbon) + high concentration of anion, high efficiency purification

3. Heavy aluminum alloy material, simple technology style, elegant and fashionable