Mobile phone sterilizer
Mobile phone sterilizer
The dual UV lamp tube is equipped with aromatherapy cap and power off protection

Product Name: UV                       sterilizer disinfection time: 5 min

Rated power: 5V / 1A                   aromatherapy time: 10min

Disinfection power: 4W                ultraviolet wave length: 253.7nm

Aromatherapy power: 0.5W         working temperature: - 10-45 ° C

Product net weight: 250g             overall dimension: 231 * 127 * 47mm

Gross weight of product: 600g     inner cavity size: 199 * 105 * 30MM

Detailed introduction

1. One button disinfection, 5 minutes automatic shutdown; double UV lamp

2. One button aromatherapy, 10 minutes automatic shutdown, built-in aromatherapy box

3. Cover opening automatic power-off protection