Children's toys and clothes Sterilizer
Children's toys and clothes Sterilizer
The dual UV lamp tube is built in with the aromatherapy open cover and power off to protect large capacity storage

Duration of disinfection: 5 min      duration of Aromatherapy: 10 min

Rated power: 5V / 2A                     UV wavelength: 253.7nm

Disinfection power: 4W                  working temperature: - 10-45 ° C

Aromatherapy power: 0.5 W          

boundary dimension: 315 * 250 * 55mm

Product net weight: 500g               product gross weight: 900g

Detailed introduction

1. One button disinfection, 5 minutes automatic shutdown; double UV lamp

2. One button aromatherapy, 10 minutes automatic shutdown, built-in aromatherapy box

3. Cover opening automatic power-off protection