Toothbrush sterilizer
Toothbrush sterilizer
The intelligent operation can be customized without buttons and the pattern of the display panel of screen time

Sterilization time: 5min                 heating time: 1H

Rated voltage: DC 5V                    maximum power: 3.5W

Product size: 190 * 55 * 50mm     working temperature: - 10-45 ° C

Product net weight: 160g              product gross weight: 380g

UV wavelength: 253.7nm

Detailed introduction

1. Intelligent operation, no need to press the key, close the cover to open the sterilizer

2. Toothbrush storage, UV sterilization and disinfection

3. It can hold 4 toothbrushes at the same time, suitable for home use

4. With screen and disinfection time display

5. Panel imitation glass, pattern can be customized exclusively